Connect for Success

The Connect for Success Report Generator is an online data system for linking learners to instructors by connecting instructors’ instructional philosophies to learners’ instructional preferences. Each term the data system offers instructors the opportunity to self-select teaching characteristics for each course section taught; and allows learners to identify preferred modes of learning, problem-solving, and decision making. The student enters specific course numbers and titles that they plan to register for during the current term. Then, utilizing instructor and learner data, the system identifies a match between learner preferences and instructor philosophies, providing learners with a list of the best-matched instructors as they relate to the students’ desired courses and the instructors’ courses for the current term. Once the “match” process is complete, the system provides learners with a brief report on their learning preferences and suggestions for maximizing their strengths, and managing other learning modalities. In addition, once the current term is complete, students have the opportunity to re-enter the system and provide information on the instructors/courses just completed for that term. This information is made available to the instructors as well as to new students who are planning a future registration for the specified courses. The data system integrates with an institution’s academic records management and student recruitment software.

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